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tv   The Rachel Maddow Show  MSNBC  December 8, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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the only poll that counts is the poll on election day. that's one of like the most grim-faced cliches in all of politics, right? but every election cycle, you can set your watch on it. >> i'll tell you what i think. the only polls that count are the polls the american people go to on november 2nd. >> in any event, the bottom line is this. the only poll that counts is going to be in november. >> the only poll that counts is the one they're going to take on tuesday when they count the votes that these people are going to cast. and we're going to win florida. >> no, you're not going to win in florida, senator.
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you are not. but that cliche, the only poll that counts is the one in -- that is most useful in politics as a signpost to tell you who is losing in the polls at that moment. that's who always says that cliche about the only poll that matts is the poll on election day. but there is some truth to it. polls in advance of an election only get you so far in terms of telling you exactly what is going on in the country and what's going to happen next in politics. and however you feel about the results of any particular election, one thing i think is always a little bit of a relief about the news after an election is at least, finally, there's no more polling. that's been nice, right? there's more polling. and this will not tell you about who is going to win any next thing. but honestly, this new polling, this turns out to be fascinating.
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and i think it may actually end up being really useful information in terms of understanding what is about to happen next in our country. and we have got this exclusively tonight. you are not going to get this anywhere else. but going through this new poll tonight from ppp, honestly, i feel like it knocked a few years off my life expectancy. this will curl your eyelashes a little bit. look at it. a national poll done by ppp. for me this is kind of an a-ha moment. this makes some previously sort of inexplicable stuff make sense. here it is. put up that thing that says we've got this thing exclusively that nobody else has. we've got this thing. nobody else has this. put up that thing. thank you. all right. this is exclusive. you can't get this anywhere else. they start with some basic questions. they ask the country, do you like donald trump? and the country's answer is no. no. 51% of the country views donald trump unfavorable. 51% unfavorable to 43% favorable.
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that's if you ask the whole country do you like trump. but if you ask donald trump voters, yeah, donald trump voters love donald trump, obviously. 87% favorable. they love him. but now look at this. again, ask the whole country. do you like barack obama? the country's answer to that is yes. we do like barack obama. 50% favorable rating overall for barack obama, 45% unfavorable. that's for the whole country. but if you just ask trump voters, do you like barack obama, the answer is capital n, capital o with a swear word before and after it. look at that. among trump voters barack obama has a 5% approval rating. and, you know, republicans have always hated president obama, but the hatred for president obama among trump voters is even stronger than it is among republicans more broadly. you ask republican voters that same question, they give president obama a 9% approval rating. and that's still low, but that's almost double the proportion of trump voters who like him.
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so yeah, we do have a partisan split in this country and democrats and republicans see things differently, blah, blah, blah. but there's something a little special going on with trump voters and this is where it starts to get really hairy because, all right, look at this. this is a snapshot of real life. see that blue line there? it's faint. but you see that blue line there? that's real life. that's the performance of the stock market under barack obama as president. this is the dow jones industrial average when he took office the dow was at just under 8,000 points. today it closed at 19615 points. so the stock market since barack obama has been president has risen by almost 12,000 points. it is considerably more than doubled since he's been president. but if you ask donald trump voters about this, 39% of donald trump voters say that the stock market has dropped since barack obama has been in office, which is crazy.
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it's way more than doubled. you guys think it's dropped, the stock market? here's another one that's even more astonishing. this is, again, we'll start with the snapshot of real life. this is the unemployment rate over the time that barack obama has been in office as president. and unemployment, it always flops around a little bit. it has little seasonal zigzags. but this is a clear picture. only one way to describe what has happened overall to unemployment in america since barack obama has been president. if you ask america about that, america knows this is what has happened to unemployment under barack obama. if you, in this new national poll, if you ask hillary clinton voters, they understand this. unemployment rates under president obama have dropped. you ask gary johnson voters, they understand this. unemployment rates under barack
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obama have dropped. you ask jill stein voters, they get it. you ask someone who voted other than johnson, stein and others, even they freaking know this. everybody knows that unemployment has dropped under barack obama but not donald trump voters and not by a mile. look at that. by a 47-point margin. donald trump voters, look at that graph on the right and say, s, unemployment has gone up under president obama. by a 47% margin. the whole country gets that. but look at that among trump voters. that's insane. that's plainly wrong. that's not even one of the things that's widely misunderstood by the american people and trump voters seem to be more confused than other people. no, everybody gets this, but trump voters don't by a huge margin. they're in a fantasy world about this. they do not know what is true when you ask them about this issue even though the rest of the country does know what's true. that'shat i think is really
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important and intereing about this poll. i know it's a poll after an election. but i feel like this is an important bit of data. this is not predicting any election result here, no reason to go to the bank in terms of who is going to win something of any kind. but take a peek into the mind of trump voters, of trump voters nationwide, from this new data that we've got exclusively tonight, 40% of trump voters believe that donald trump won the popular vote. donald trump did not win the popular vote. donald trump voters by a huge margin, 60% of them, believe that millions of people voted illegally for hillary clinton in the presidential election. millions of people did not vote illegally for hillary clinton in the presidential election. donald trump voters, by a huge margin, huge margin, 73-6, donald trump voters believe that george soros is paying people to protest against donald trump.
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george soros is not paying people to protest against donald trump but 73% of trump voters believe that he is and only 6% say that is not true. again, let me reiterate. that is not true. he's not paying people to protest against trump but among trump supporters it's an absolute article of faith. here's a weird one. nearly a third of donald trump
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